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The Preserve LbNA #11794

Plant date:Oct 20, 2004
Planted by:Buzzard
Found by: Lee & Nancy (2)
Last found:Nov 27, 2004
Last edited:Oct 20, 2004
These two letterboxes are located at the Kern River Preserve in the city of Weldon, which is just a few short miles from Kernville, the letterboxing capital of Central California. The Kern River Preserve is located on Highway 178, 1.1 miles north of the intersection of Highway 178 and Sierra Way. You can find exact directions at

The letterboxes are hidden on the Preserve's nature trail. Pick up a nature trail guide at the visitor center or at the Birder Bulletin Board outside the center. I saw a couple of possibly confusing twists on this nature trail, so a guide will help.

You'll find the Kern River Preserve Letterbox at Marker 10, which brings you in front of a fallen tree. The letterbox is buried at the southeast corner of the tree, underneath a couple pieces of bark.

In October, this preserve has an annual Turkey Vulture Festival during which volunteers count the numbers of migrating Buzzards (I mean Turkey Vultures). To find the Turkey Vulture Letterbox continue past Marker 10 on the Preserve's nature trail. After reaching Marker 17, keep walking until the trail veers to the right through a wooden gate down towards the south fork of the Kern River. At times on this section of trail, you'll find yourself walking on wooden planks. Head down to Marker 18 next to the river, then turn left following the trail along the river, veering left again at Marker 20. Follow the trail over more wooden planks until you reach Marker 21, which is situated in front of a horizontal tree. The Turkey Vulture Letterbox is hidden under the west side (river side) of the horizontal tree, near where the tree emerges from the earth, buried under dirt and two pieces of bark.