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Neighborhood's LbNA #11357

Plant date:Oct 5, 2004
Found by: ucanniego
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 5, 2004
Welcome to Neighborhood Christian School's letterbox clue!

This is an easy one, placed here to get me started in Letterboxing and to get our students excited about letterboxing. Simply get to Dixon, CA, located about 30 minutes west of Sacramento on I-80. Take I-80 to the Dixon Exit, which is also the Highway 113 South Exit. Follow Hwy 113, also called First Street, south through the downtown Dixon area until you get to the Dixon May Fair fairgrounds then slow down and turn into the parking lot directly across from Cherry Street (Neighborhood Christian School is located on the fairgrounds at 655 South 1st Street, Dixon, CA -- use or other Internet map service to get directions). There are three buildings to your left as you pull into the parking lot (two fixed buildings and a modular building with a handicap ramp). Go into the middle building which is the school office building and tell the secretary that you're here for the letterbox! She'll get the box for you and you can add your stamp to our book and our stamp to yours!

Please make sure to call before you come in to stamp the book to make sure the school is open and you can get in the office (707-678-9336). Someone is usually around the campus in the office year round, but there are some days in the summer and during vacations when we are closed. Also, we are out during the May Fair (late April and early May, so pick any other time to visit). We look forward to seeing you and finding out where you are from! May God bless you as you have fun with letterboxing! -- Chris Bushéy, Neighborhood's Business Manager