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The Eagles Nest LbNA #10676

Owner:Calli-K Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 5, 2004
Planted by:4Dtoes Contact
Found by: Eccentric Suttons
Last found: Sep 5, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 5, 2004
NOTE FROM CALLI-K: I was boxing at La Pine 10/22/2011 and checked on this box only to find it gone. I know the park rangers were aware of its existence, possibly removed it themselves. The tree is pretty rotten now, especially at the base where the box was hiding. It was confirmed missing by Uecker Family on 05/19/2012.

NOTE 03/07/2011: With 4Dtoes’ blessing I adopted this box today and will be taking care of maintenance when necessary. If you visit and find that it needs any care, please contact me.

Original clues as posted in 2004 as follows:

Cougars have recently been seen in the area. If you see a Cougar, stand tall, make noise and don't bend over or crouch.

Watch for LaPine State Park signs on HWY 97 just north of LaPine. Follow signs to LaPine State Park (Recreation Area) and the follow signs to McGregor Viewpoint - park in the turn-around.

Suggest bringing brown, yellow, black ink colors.

Proceed to the fence and enjoy the view.
Listen how quiet...the absence of people, they are but few.
A volcano peak you will see
A volcanic monument called Newberry
Walk down the trail, down the river you go ...
Just follow the flow
Meander down the trail be sure not to lag
You are looking for a big, yes very BIG snag
At the base of this snag that was once hit by lightning
Oh! ... we saw mice it was really quite frightning!
You'll find your treasure hidden under some bark
We hope you enjoyed this beautiful park.
The Fleshmans (4Dtoes)

When you hide this box back where you found it, please don't pile a bunch of bark up in the typical "letterbox pile" we often see. A couple of well-placed pieces should do it - make it look natural! Also, please take a look from the trail when you leave to make sure no part of the box is visible. Very high traffic area, so please be as discrete as you can. The box is huge, but I couldn't use a smaller one because the log book is pretty big as well, so hiding it is a challenge.