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The Packrat Hitchhiker Hostel LbNA #10572 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Sep 2, 2004
City:Mt. Juliet
Found by: mstrwndl
Last found:Sep 6, 2006
Last edited:Sep 2, 2004
JULY 2005 - All set with a new logbook. Ready for visitors!

The Packrat is located off of 40, just east of Nashville in an easy drive-by location to facilitate patronage by travelers through this fine state.

The clues:
goat tooth huck come mute tarp arc king glot tease two bell in dapper quey fro mount jewel yet rowed. take care reed dingo gov treat went tea doug grease from then ort cider lather delight polo. sigh tack luster ruff three seed oars lou k-nex tooth amid ultra east run con hup ills ides.

The Packrat is a Hitchhiker Hostel. A Hitchhiker Hostel is guaranteed to always have a hitchhiker within. If you come to stamp into the Packrat, you may take a hitchhiker away with you only if you leave another in its place. It's a one-for-one trade. If you don't have a hitchhiker to trade, that's okay. The Packrat HHH has its own journal and stamp, just like a normal letterbox.

Bring your own ink pad and pencil...and a hitchhiker!