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Look Out LbNA #10552

Plant date:Sep 1, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: zara
Last found:Sep 28, 2004
Last edited:Sep 1, 2004
1)Find Juniper Drive

-From Kamloops, enter Merritt on the first Exit. You are on highway 5A/Voght Street. Head into Merritt and turn right at the lights on to highway 8/Nicola. Continue for one kilometer and look for Juniper Drive on your right. Turn onto Juniper.

-From Spences Bridge or Logan Lake, turn left onto Juniper and you enter town, immediately after Norgaard's Ready Mix.

-From Vancouver, take the first Exit into Merritt, this turns into Nicola. Continue through two sets of lights, and look for Juniper on the right a kilometer after the last set of lights.

-From Kelowna, head straight through the cloverleaf and continue into town. Now (like above) this road (highway 5A) turns into Nicola, goes through two sets of lights and turns into highway 8. Turn right onto Juniper after the bridge and before Norgaard's.

2) Now that you are on Juniper you want to find the viewpoint. The turn-off is half a kilometer up Juniper, after the golf course but before the graveyard. Turn left onto the gravel road, the viewpoint is 1.6km up. There are two hairpin corners. Stop at the top and enjoy the view.

3) There are a number of metal pipes. Look through the top one on the fourth pole. See that?

4) Drive there.

5) Now PARK anywhere. You are looking for the building that hums. It is at the back corner by the river. Beside the back corner there is a round metal object. Stand at the corner and look over the round metal thing. Choose the path in the clearing with the large boulder. Walk 40 paces this direction into the trees.

6) There is a rusty old pipe embedded in concrete lying there. Look around this for the letterbox. Look UNDER, not in.