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The Kettle Falls Grouch LbNA #10078

Owner:Blackvelvetrav Contact
Plant date:Aug 14, 2004
Found by: Azroadie
Last found: Jun 24, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 14, 2004
6/17/2009 - THE GROUCH HAS MOVED!!! Alive and well in a new location. Please print new clues. A special thank you to Anadee and David for rescuing the "Kettle Falls Grouch" and relocating it for me!!! Blackvelvetrav-Boise, Idaho

Approximately 70 Miles North on US-395 from Spokane, Washington you will find the small town of Kettle Falls, Washington home of 1610 friendly people and 1 grouch.

Travel past the "Welcome to Kettle Falls" sign post on your right as you enter town, past the Windermere Real Estate office on your left, past the "Woodland Theater" on your right and through the 1 stop light in Kettle Falls.

Continue through town one more block and on your left you will see a Turn-of-the-Century Train Station in the corner of Happy Dell Park on Hwy 395 with a sign that says "Kettle Falls Information Center"

Park in the Information Center parking lot. Walk around the building to the farthest North East corner near the Mountain Ash & Spruce tree.

On the backside of the building is central air conditioning unit standing on a concrete slab. Between the slab of concrete and the building is several rocks that sparkle with pink and orange mica. Lift the rocks and you will find the letterbox.

While you're there, stop for a while and visit the Information Center.