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UCSD Series LbNA #9970

Plant date:Jul 17, 2004
City:La Jolla
County:San Diego
Found by: Adoptable (3)
Last found:Aug 29, 2012
Last edited:Jul 17, 2004
Replaced by Troop 3277 August 2012. [Register as a member and contact to adopt this clue. -Choi]

BACKGROUND: The UCSD campus is located in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla. The campus is filled with many works of outdoor art which constitute the Stuart Collection.

TERRAIN: Easy, plan on thirty minutes to find the three microboxes planted on campus.

DIRECTIONS: Exit La Jolla Village Drive from I-5 and proceed west. Exit Gilman Drive and turn right. Stop at the visitor information center and get a map of campus including the Stuart Collection. Park near Price Center and walk toward UCSD Library to the Silent Tree.


LIBRARY MICROBOX: Go up stairs on right side of library to the upper level. Take a right at the picnic tables to find the snake path. Start walking down the snake path to the first coil. Sit on the granite bench facing away from the library. Under the ivy at the left inside leg you will find the Library Microbox.

SILENT TREE MICROBOX: Return to the Silent Tree. Facing west you will see several yellow-orange rocks. Walk to the fartherest west rock and sit down facing the Silent Tree. Below a much smaller rock you will find the Silent Tree Microbox.

SUN GOD MICROBOX: Walk through euclyptus grove to Sun God. The black microbox is hidden on the SE side of the supporting base amongst the intertwined honeysuckle vines about one foot from the ground.