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Passion Letterbox LbNA #9372

Owner:AR Honey BEE Contact
Plant date:Mar 17, 2004
City:Little Rock
Found by: Martini Man
Last found:May 19, 2013
Last edited:Mar 17, 2004
Passion Letterbox

Pinnacle Mountain State Park, 11901 Pinnacle Valley Road, Roland, Arkansas 72135 (501-868-5806 or has eight hiking trails, a picnic area, an arboretum, a launch ramp, and a beautiful view from the top of Pinnacle Mountain of the Arkansas and
Maumelle Rivers. To reach Pinnacle Mountain State Park, take Exit 9 off I-430 at Little Rock and travel seven miles west on Arkansas Route 10, then go two miles north on Arkansas Route 300. This story uses the East (Red & White Blazes) and West (Yellow Blazes) Summit Trails, which are each 1½ miles long. Both start at an elevation of 400 feet, and climb to 1,011 feet, so the hikes are a little strenuous. The West trail is easier, since it has more of a path, but both trails conclude with a scramble over a talus field. The hike to the top is popular, so please use discretion when retrieving the letterbox. The Visitor Center has hiking information. (I borrowed this info from the Pinnacle Mountain box. Thanks to Babybear =)

Hike to the top of Pinnacle Mountain using either the East or West Summit Trail. Stop at the Marker #10. Stand on the rock pile directly behind the sign and the Marker #10 . If you could walk directly at 90 degrees for 10 paces, you’ll see a lichen-covered, large, flat rock. The letterbox is under the Northeast corner. Please stamp in and then re-hide the box well. Thanks. Be sure to look for the Pinnacle Mountain box while you’re up there.

Note: 1 Pace = 2 Steps

Planted by armyswmr99