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The Five Fingers LbNA #9167

Plant date:Jun 19, 2004
Planted by:Ohio War Eagles
Found by: plainjane
Last found:Apr 23, 2013
Last edited:Jun 19, 2004
This is a fairly easy box to find. You will need a compass and insect repellent is a good idea. Please bring your own stamp pad, as one is not provided. This letterbox is located atop Green Mountain in the Madison County Nature Trail.

Set out on the footpath (main trail)and follow it around the lake, bearing left as you go. Continue on the main trail and cross the foot bridge; still remianing on the trail, continue across the Cambron Covered Bridge. Stay on the main trail until you come to the fork of the main trail and the school trail. Choose the school trail. While on the school trail, keep track of the number of Braille information signs you pass. At the second Braille sign, go in the direction of 300 degrees. Walk forward and find the five fingers (tree trunks clustered together). Your treasure awaits you in the "palm" of the hand. Write a little message if you like, or e-mail us to let us know how our box is doing. We live in Ohio and only visit Alabama twice yearly.