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Great day for a hike LbNA #8799

Plant date:Jun 18, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:Heather
Found by: pilgrimsinthisland
Last found:Sep 20, 2007
Last edited:Jun 18, 2004
Trail: This a great family hike, but will be enjoyed by anyone. It is 3 miles (5 km) round trip. The trail is rocky, but easily managed by my 3yr old. At the highlight of the trail you will wander through a small grove of Ancient cedar trees.

Directions: Drive north on highway 99 from Whistler. At the Alpine Meadows light, set your odometer. Continue on the highway for 4.7km then take the road on the left (Cougar Mtn. Road). It is a dirt logging road, but was easily traveled in a minivan when this box was hidden. (At different times of the year it can be worse.).Drive up the road approximately 5km to the parking area and trail map. Follow the sign for the Ancient Cedars on the right.

Clue: Cross the bridge into the grove of Ancient Cedars. Follow the loop around the grove. Enjoy the aroma of the Skunk cabbage, and the size of the old trees. Return back down the way you came. Keep your eyes out for the 3 trunked cedar on the right, with one arm amputated. Look under the triangular rock at its base.

Note: This box is orphaned. If you find it in need of repair please do your best to care for it. Hopefully I will return to visit it in a few years.