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BSA Tribute LbNA #8483

Plant date:Jun 1, 2004
Planted by:Rubaduc
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Nov 18, 2023
Last edited:Jun 1, 2004
This box is a thank you to all the Boy Scouts for the projects that have made hiking easier for me over the years. Trails, bridges, run offs and of course (as at this site) the clearing of trails. I happened upon Robert Maglietti (troop 274) and family as the sign board was being erected and saw first hand some of the work involved. Thank You BSA.

Directions: traveling west on Rt. 44 turn right onto Indian Hill Road just before the Hillside Motel. Follow Indian Hill Road (be sure to stay left at first fork) for 1.9 miles and look for a dirt drive-in on the left. There's a trail sign high on a tree at the entrance. If the pavement ends, you went too far. There's a big meadow for parking but it might not look too appealing if you own a new car. I usually park in the road, or just past it is an old foundation (on the left) which is used for parking purposes by the Canton Land Trust. 1.2 miles round trip, gold ink is not in box.

Walking in to the sign board, you'll see an orange (red?)trail to the left of it. This is the Tom Perry Trail, very easy 45 min. walk. In the beginning you'll have ferns on both sides of you, then you cross a little brook. Keep following orange (red?)until you see a tree with 3 blazes on it. This is a loop and you'll come back to this point later. The right trail is obvious but you need to walk a few feet along to see the left going uphill. Continue on this left side of the loop, eventually going downhill through a newly cut area until you come to another tree with four orange (red?)blazes on it. Go right here and follow yellow with orange dot (the orange (red?) may be faded at this point but soon becomes distinct once again). You'll be following yellow with an orange dot for this part of the loop. 45 steps before the next three blazed tree and after a very short but steep downhill, look right for an old downed tree. In front of this under bark is the tribute box. If you come to a very mossy, pointy rock (trail side left) you went a few steps too far.

Re hide carefully and walk 45 steps to the tree with the yellow with red dot and yellow with orange dot, turning right to follow orange dot. The next blaze to look for is one yellow and two orange, so turn right here back onto the orange trail crossing over a stone wall and watching for a pile of rocks that might indicate a former dwelling place. After passing a little swamp on the left you complete the loop, going left to your car.

Thanks for visiting Canton a town ripe with preserves and hiking trails.