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Lone Grave LbNA #8445

Owner:Letterboxspector Contact
Plant date:May 31, 2004
City:Nevada City
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Sep 30, 2012
Last edited:May 31, 2004
Lone Grave

Trail deaths meant heartbreak and hardship for survivors, but little time was allowed for grieving. A grave was hurriedly prepared beside the trail and a prayer offered if a minister was present. If not, someone might volunteer to read a passage from the Bible, or "say a few words," after which the journey continued. Sometimes the grave was dug in the trail itself to conceal it from Indians. Death due to cholera or contagious disease meant increased haste; sometimes such individuals were simply abandoned beside the trail.

Graves were usually shallow to save labor, and often located in a natural depression. As much soil was scooped out as possible, and earth imported to the site and mounded over the remains. Sorrowing relatives sometimes transplanted prairie sod and wild flowers, and some type of wooden marker was set up, probably with the thought of returning some day to provide a more permanent memorial.

Lone Grave is the burial site of two-year-old Julius Apperson, who died in 1858. The Apperson family were among the first settlers along the Old Emigrant Road. The family moved elsewhere in 1859, leaving the grave unmarked. A Nevada City resident erected a permanent marker and fence in 1863. The marker and fence were replaced in 1921 and again in 1948. The grave has since been cared for by volunteers as a memorial to the many pioneers who have been buried in solitary, unmarked graves.


Lone Grave is located a few miles east of Nevada City on Highway 20, out past the five mile house there is a historical marker sign 2/10 mile past a turnout on the right.


Clues: Easy.
Difficulty: Short walk, little to no trail.
Caution: Spring, Summer and Fall you will need DEET due to mosquitos. In winter, snowy conditions make this box impossible to reach.

Add all the dates that the permanent marker and fence were placed and then replaced. Subtract the birth year on the plaque on the cairn (Stones intentionally piled by humans)from the most recent year in my story. Divide the first number by the second number and there is your first bearing. Venture out 23 steps. Sight through the “V” you can see where you must be, the larger of two trees just in a line,26 steps and around me you will find just 16 steps more to go. You will find me alone near a stump under some large rocks.