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Sycamore Shortcut LbNA #76986

Owner:MPXofBC Contact
Plant date:Jul 6, 2024
Location: Sebald Area of Elk Creek MetroPark, 5580 Elk Creek Road, Middletown, OH 45042
Found by: Team Fordyce
Last found:Jul 6, 2024
Last edited:Jul 6, 2024
This box is hidden at the Sebald Area of Elk Creek MetroPark located at 5580 Elk Creek Road, Middletown OH 45042. As with all MetroParks of Butler County, the park is open from 8:00AM until dusk. Drive over the creek bridge to access the main area of the park (if you do not drive over a creek, you are at the Meadow Ridge area of Elk Creek MetroPark). Park at any of the open parking lots and then begin your search.

This letterbox is named after parts of your journey on the trails to find the letterbox. The large trail system at Sebald stretches from Elk Creek to the paved trails of Meadow Ridge (what was once Weatherwax golf course). They are comprised of hiking, equestrian, and multi-use trails, so be prepared for trails ranging from flat and grassy to steep and rocky. In fact, these are the only publicly accessible horse trails in Butler County. More information about the Sebald Park Area can be found at: .

This is a multi-clue letterbox. The first clue is listed below:

Clue #1: Before you start to PLAY, always SIT DOWN to check that your shoes are tied and that you don't feel UNDER the weather.