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Spring Hill Spur LbNA #76982

Owner:Demeter Contact
Plant date:Jul 3, 2024
Location: Spring Hill Trailhead
City:Mt. Shasta
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 3, 2024
The first time I ever hiked Spring Hill I thought it was never ending with its switch backs. But then I discovered the “secret” trail that nobody else ever walks on.

You will start by hiking up the trailhead of Spring Hill. When you come to the first fork in the road continue left up the main path. After you have walked .94 miles you will come to the Rocky Point Loop.

Take that path less traveled and walk 365 steps up the loop. Turn directly East and walk 16 steps (watch your step!)

When you find the most beautiful view turn 180 degrees. You’ll find this box under the rock ledge in front of you.