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Cheswick Hidey Hole LbNA #76978

Owner:The Happy Feet Crew Contact
Plant date:Jul 1, 2024
Location: Cheswick Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 1, 2024
From the Cheswick Park parking lot, face the restrooms and venture down the path to the left, with the kiddies playing on your right.

Take your first left, directly across from the Doggie Waste Station.

Follow the yellow board road through the haunted swamp lands and across the windy creek.

Pass the Sweet Gum Tree on the right and keep bearing right, following the path that will lead you past a bench on the right.

Keep following the path until you arrive at the first gravel path on your left and follow through the airy forest.

On your stroll, you will pass a ‘V’ tree a few yards off to the right, keep walking and pass a ‘V’ stump on your left.

Take a break at the bench on the right before continuing along the gravel path.

You will pass another ‘V’ tree on the right, and also pass a rest station on the right.

Bare right at the hiking man and venture across the windy creek once more, and follow the yellow board road.

With a choice of three, take Path #1, and pass an American Holly on your left.

Don’t stop to Adopt a Stream, but instead take the wide bridge on your left.

Keep Straight at the Doggy Potty and pass muscle building area on your right.

Take gravel path on left after you pass the Loblolly Pine tree.

Take left at the green ‘Z’, pass the wooden ‘V’ on your right.

Take 30 paces down the path from the wooden ‘V’ and look in the hidey hole in the hollow log on the left.

You have found that for which you sought! Please seal and rehide back in hidey hole.