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Eclipse 2024: Eyes to the Skies: Apache Point, New Mexico LbNA #76977

Owner:Rebiccola Contact
Plant date:Jun 26, 2024
Location: UNM Campus Observatory
State:New Mexico
Planted by:Wronghat Contact Platinum
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 29, 2024
Apache Point Observatory is actually the NM State University facility located several hundred miles to the south east in the Sacramento Mountains.

Bike is the best way to get here. But if you drive, along Camino del Salud has spaces to park.
From parking for the Senior Health Center west of the observatory, a stairway runs east. Half-way up is a spot to lean over to the south. A stone there is partially buried in earth. A bench at the base of the stairs makes a great stamping in spot.

Happy hunting.