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Bridges of Bebb LbNA #76954

Owner:MPXofBC Contact
Plant date:Jun 14, 2024
Location: Governor Bebb MetroPark 1979 Bebb Park Lane, Okeana, OH 45053
Found by: SamRiggs
Last found:Jun 15, 2024
Last edited:Jun 15, 2024
This box is hidden at Governor Bebb MetroPark located at 1979 Bebb Park Lane, Okeana, OH 45069. As with all MetroParks of Butler County, the park is open from 8:00AM until dusk. When entering Governor Bebb MetroPark, Pioneer Village will be on your right with one small parking lot, but there is additional parking if you turn left at the first stop sign after passing Pioneer Village. Once parked, you may begin your search at Pioneer Village.

PLEASE REMEMBER to bring your own drinking water to this Letterbox as there is no publicly accessible drinking water. Also keep in mind that the trails at Governor Bebb do include some narrow and steep sections. USE CAUTION WHEN EXPLORING PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION TO FOOTING, ESPECIALLY ON ROCKS.

The letterbox is named after the many bridges found at Governor Bebb MetroPark; from the covered bridge when you first enter the park, to the volunteer constructed foot bridges, and even the recently completed walking bridge that leads to scenic Sycamore Grove Trail. No trip to Governor Bebb would be complete without a visit to Pioneer Village, duly named for containing the 1799 birthplace cabin of William Bebb (the 19th governor of Ohio). The starting point of this Letterbox challenge is also home to six other authentic log cabins moved to the park to recreate life in the 1800's. More details about the village and MetroPark can be found at .

This is a multi-clue letterbox. The first clue is listed below:

Clue #1: The Millers at Morgan’s Trading Company must be upgrading. Who would get rid of these awesome millstones?