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Little Ladies Letterbox LbNA #76953

Owner:xoxoLUNAxoxo Contact
Plant date:Jun 14, 2024
Location: Doyle Link
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 14, 2024
This is my very first letterbox plant so any helpful comments or concerns would be appreciated!

STAMP: Little Ladies Riding in Toy Car
BLACK INK ONLY; I would suggest taking a picture of the log book & coloring this one in at home. I have colored it in according to the artist’s listing for the stamp.

ARTIST: This stamp was purchased from YorksLittleArtStudio on Etsy, owned by Wendy York. She stocks her shop mostly with original designs but also has many vintage stamps available that she has carefully selected. Little Ladies is an original collection of stamps by Wendy York that feature young girls in whimsical poses and doing fun activities.

The collection gave me a strong sense of friendship and/or sisterhood. This particular carve reminded me of the many hours a day that I spend in the car with my best friend, driving all over the place to find new trails, new views, and new stamps. Cheers to some quality friendship!

CLUES: Head to Cutler Rd in Andover, MA. There is an opening in a stone wall close to Lowell St. About two cars can fit on the opposite side of the road. This is where you’ll be starting. Once parked, head through the opening in the stone wall. Take the trail on your left up to a paved circle. Bear left & follow the path out to the street. On your right, you should now see a small sign for Doyle Link on the corner street sign. Follow the sidewalk to your right until you come to a sign for Doyle Link. You will need to cross the street here, as the trail starts on the other side of the road (you should see the sign). Follow the trail to the left through the opening in the stone wall. Following the red markers, you will eventually cross over a footbridge and stop at post #1. When you get to post #1, bear right, taking the bike route slightly uphill, to the right. Go through the first opening in the stone wall on the path, until you come to a tree with two red markers on it in an opening with a trail on the right and a trail through a stone wall on the left. Go left through the opening in the stone wall. You will soon come to two large boulders on your left and the trail splits into two. Take the trail on the right. Walk about 15 steps until you see a three-sister tree. Look behind the stone wall, a few stones to the right of the tree. The Little Ladies are waiting for you behind a stone and under some leaves. There is a HH in a small round case within the letterbox; first finder, feel free to move it along with you! The letterbox size can fit a few HH’s so feel free to leave & swap some out!