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Palmer Sunshine LbNA #76942

Owner:Spacemahmah Contact
Plant date:Jun 3, 2024
Location: Palmer Park
Found by: Knotty Lady
Last found:Jun 7, 2024
Last edited:Jun 3, 2024
1. Go to the place in Madison, AL, where lots of fun in the sun is to be had. (Hint: lots of sports played here).

2. Park at area where kids love to swing and play.

3. Find the sign "what has 5 fingers" " what is the 14th letter of the alphabet?" "What has 5 fingers"? (Hint: It's a large brick sign)

4. Look around- find the holder of knowledge.

5. Facing the holder of knowledge, turn to the right and walk approximately 50 paces down the sidewalk. (Hint: you will know you are at the right spot when there is only 1 bush ahead of you).

6. When facing the end of the path, turn to your left and walk approximately 150 paces straight ahead.

7. The Letterbox is hidden somewhere in the 3rd column, 2nd row of bushes. Look high and low.