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2024 eclipse - eyes to the skies: mcauliffe-shepard discovery center LbNA #76879

Plant date:Mar 30, 2023
State:New Hampshire
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Apr 1, 2024
this stamp is carved by rebiccola and planted for the 2024 eclipse - eyes to the skies tracker on atlas quest.

christa mcauliffe was the first teacher in space and admiral alan shepard was the first astronaut. not only is this an observatory it is also a science museum dedicated to teaching children about space through stem camps and science workshops. the center also holds the honor of being one of only three 10k systems in north america.
sadly christa was aboard the space shuttle challenger when it broke apart resulting in the death of all seven crew members. while new hampshire mourns the death of christa we are also honored to carry forth her dreams.

this was a difficult location to hide as security makes rounds quite often seeing as it abutts the housing for nhti, concord's community college. so please be observant of who and what is around you. `
the address for the mcauliffe-shepard discovery center is listed as 2 institute drive. you will actually be turning onto fan road right when you arrive in order to get to the parking lot. go to the last row and park as close as you can to the last parking spot. there will be a white shed with blue trim across the road from you. go to the lamp post that is next to that last parking spot. magnet stamp under the lip. the material of the pole is not a metal that a magnet will stick to, don't know what it is. you will find the stamp attached to the bolt facing the lot. please make sure when you replace that it is attached to the bolt and out of sight.

blue ink please.