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First aidGirl Scout Troop 3915 LbNA #76860

Owner:Girl Scout Troop 3915 Contact
Plant date:Mar 21, 2024
Location: Amity Woods Nature Park
City:Kansas City
Found by: Carolina Shorebird
Last found:May 29, 2024
Last edited:Mar 21, 2024
Go to Amity Woods Nature Park. Go over the bridge and through the woods to the second creek opening. Go down the ramp about two feet and look for two trees on the right. Between the trees you will find a mound of rocks. Under the rocks you will find our letterbox. We are a second grade Girl Scout Troop that just learned about letterboxing. This is the first box that we have hidden. Enjoy finding it. The GPS Coordinates are 39.25200 degrees N, 94.68100 degree W.