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Forager's Maple Depot LbNA #76815

Owner:CrayfishYAY Contact
Plant date:Feb 10, 2024
Location: Central Park
City:Blue Springs
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Feb 17, 2024
Welcome to my 1st letterbox!! This cache pays homage to the history of Missouri's maple syrup making, as well as my own sugaring history.

To start, arrive at Central Park in Blue Springs. The 4 landmarks to look for are the Chicago & Alton Railroad Depot, the cell tower behind it, the police station to the northwest, & the community garden to the east.

Head west, go around the depot (preferably keep north of it), walk past the tower's fenced area (keep south of it), & approach the honeysuckle brush pile.

If there is no pile as a reference, then just arrive at N 39° 00.972' W 094° 16.744'

Head south on the trail. You will see a cluster of silver maple trees, the 1st one having scar from when I tried removing a nail.

Weave through those silvers until you approach the last maple on the left, leaning toward the pond due east. If you care to make sure this is the 1, look up & you'll see its top snapped off.

Look SSW, you'll see the trail continue for about 4 more yards.

Walk towards this dead end & the cache should be in plain sight.

Enjoy the visit & use my hand-carved stamp for your logbook!!