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Crying Eagle LbNA #76651

Owner:Baby Bear
Plant date:Sep 13, 2023
Location: McLeod Lake
City:Mammoth Lakes
Found by: Silver Eagle
Last found:Sep 15, 2023
Last edited:Sep 18, 2023
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance to Letterbox: 1 mile RT

McLeod lake is a short uphill hike to this pretty lake, in the lakes basin area of Mammoth Lakes. Worth it!

From Mammoth, take Lake Mary Road all the way to the end at Horseshoe lake parking area. Park at far side by trail signs.

To the Letterbox:
Take the trail to McLeod Lake up the hill. Go left at first sign, and walk through trees until reach McLeod lake. Just before lake you will reach a Trail junction sign, then go to other sign for "Catch and Release". From that sign, go from right side back 10 steps to large pine tree. Box at back base under rock pile.