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Elsa in the Ivy (not poison) LbNA #76645

Plant date:Sep 15, 2023
Location: Siebert Drain
Found by: shooz
Last found:Oct 28, 2023
Last edited:Sep 15, 2023
Where the north wind (ice pine) meets the sea (of ivy), a letterbox awaits! Travel to the large grassy field where the sun shines between the nearby Elementary and Middle Schools. From the top of the hill, go due west down a trail.

Once you enter the woods, you will be surrounded by skinny young pines with bare branches. Continue along the path until you see a wise old pine, too big to hug, decorated with a bit of wooden snow.

Venture off the trail (no poison ivy here but you may need bug spray).

Walk 50 steps north (toward the houses in the distance). When you reach a sea of ivy, you have arrived. Find a nearby fallen tree and search at its base for this sneaky letterbox.

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