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Spring blooms LbNA #76635

Owner:Troop 2195
Plant date:Sep 9, 2023
Location: Anderson Park
City:Redondo Beach
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Otto
Last found:Dec 25, 2023
Last edited:Sep 10, 2023
1. Start at the center circle of the park and face the playground.
2. Head east to the sound of bats swinging.
3. Run around the family and friends tree 10 times.
4. Now go west past the running water.
5. Make a right and go past the #2 to the end of the path.
6. Run as fast as you can through the zig zag path of trees and stop at the first path.
7. Cut through the grassy hill and look for the twist.
8. Walk to where you can make a 3-pointer until you pass the picnic tables.
9. Go north and make a left at the troop art.
10. Now to find the letterbox, look for where spring blooms love.