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Iwo Jima D.C.- Who's hand is that? LbNA #76525

Plant date:May 26, 2023
Location: 1398 Iwo Jima Access Rd.,Arlington,Va. 22209
Found by: LetterboxHunter2018
Last found:May 26, 2023
Last edited:Nov 20, 2023
Go to the address provided - The Iwo Jima Memorial is next to Fort Myers Army Base.
Here's a bit of history about the reason for this box:

Is there a 13th hand?
Though the popular myth has had a grip on statue lore: no, there are only 12 hands.

The extra hand is meant to symbolize the hand of God


"The memorial itself memorializes all U.S. Marines who have sacrificed their lives, dating back to the Revolutionary War all the way up to the present day," said National Park Service spokesman Mark Maloy. "It honors all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom."

"There's a kind of a persistent myth that has been around for years and years and years," said Maloy.

"This gained traction as the internet came into being, and it became so persistent that even one historian actually went and talked to the sculptor who was Felix de Weldon, and he asked him, 'did you add a 13th hand in there?' And apparently he threw his hands up and said, 'Thirteen? Who needs 13? Twelve were enough.'"

1. Park in the parking lot provided that is free.
2. There are other boxes located at this memorial as well - check them out while you are here.
3. After parking, take a walk to the Iwo Jima Memorial, take some pictures or selfies to share on social media if you like or just for memories.
4. Take a walk around the monument.
5. At the end of the tip top of the flag walk NORTH.
6. You will see Route 50 - look to your right - you will see a metal railing.
7. This is where it gets a bit dangerous- so be on the look out for passing cars in the memorial area as well as Rt. 50 going East into DC.
8. At the end of the railing is what you are seeking.

Did you find it? the 13th hand that is...

Please be stealth as this is a very popular monument with lots of tourists every day.