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Scampi's Note LbNA #76444

Plant date:Mar 6, 2023
County:New London
Location: Saw Mill pond 172 Iron St. (Route 214) Ledyard CT
Found by: quiltjoy
Last found:Mar 16, 2023
Last edited:Mar 7, 2023
Scampi's Note:
Years ago we found a turtle in our neighborhood crossing the street. We took him to Sawmill Pond in Ledyard. We would like to think of Scampi as the keeper of this letterbox. To find Scampi's Note:
Park in the parking lot facing the pond
Go left toward the sawmill
Go down the steps to the right of the sawmill
At the bottom of the steps take 5 steps along the wall to your right
You will see the letterbox tucked in the wall behind a small stone.
Good luck!
Please do not disturb the stonewall by moving any large rocks. The letterbox is behind a loose rock that is small and not part of the structure of the wall.

You might also want to look for other letter boxes at the pond. The day we placed Scampi's Note we also found Chicken Legs.

Hike length: 0.1 miles