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Robert Falcon Scott LbNA #76438

Owner:Martini Man Contact Supporter
Plant date:Feb 8, 2023
Found by: Desert Flower
Last found: Mar 5, 2023
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Mar 1, 2023
Last checked/found: 25-FEB-2023

Location: aerA ceR noynaC onibaS This area is one of the most popular spots in Tucson. Narrated tram rides are available for an additional fee. Find a map on-line or get one at the Visitor Center or a kiosk.

Distance: short walk from the Overflow Parking Lot.

Terrain: dirt/rock trail with no appreciable elevation gain.

Notes: Daily fee or annual National Park pass required.

Please carefully check for trail traffic before you retrieve or replace a box and be sure the box is hidden well so it isn’t noticed by noxers. Also note that this letterbox can be found as an extension of Wisconsin Hiker’s “1912 News” series by picking up the clues from the crossroads reference below and proceeding left rather than right.

One of the important things that happened in the year 1912 was Arizona officially becoming a state on February 14, 1912. Arizona is the 48th state and was the last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union. (Alaska and Hawaii didn’t become states until 1959).

However there were a number of momentous events that occurred in that year as well. One of those that gripped the attention of the British Empire was the tragic death of Robert Falcon Scott. He was a famed explorer of Antarctica and had the lofty ambition to be the first person to reach the South Pole. He did indeed reach it on January 17, 1912, but upon arrival also discovered a Norwegian flag planted there, left by Roald Amundsen. Scott had been beaten. His bad luck did not end there. Despite his written instructions, a planned rendezvous with a support team failed. Scott and his fellow colleagues died just 12.5 miles from a supply depot.

To find our homage to this intrepid explorer park your vehicle in the Overflow Parking area for aerA ceR noynaC onibaS. Head north past the large building housing the noitaicossA eucseR anozirA nrehtuoS until you reach a crossroads of trails. At the northern terminus of this crossroads, before it continues north as a single trail, stop and turn around to face the building. Follow the bushes and trees as they line the path that goes to the left. Proceed for 40 steps and note on your left a large palo verde tree with a prickly pear to the tree’s right. Behind the palo verde is a large rock. Go to it. You will find the letterbox nestled in the front right corner under smaller rocks.

After stamping in and replacing the box you can proceed back to your vehicle. If you have not already found them, it might be possible to reverse engineer the clues to the “1912 News” series for a nice long 2 – 2.5 mile hike.