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Christmas in Kernville Letterbox LbNA #76391

Owner:Hello From Bakersfield Contact
Plant date:Dec 25, 2022
Location: Ewings on the Kern
City:Kernville, CA
Found by: JoySong
Last found:Mar 4, 2024
Last edited:Dec 28, 2022
Kernville is a special place and we've spent many Christmas seasons here. To commemorate our family get together, we made stamps and the winning one of them all (think to yourself what does the Nutcracker hold?) we placed into this letterbox.
Head to Ewings restaurant and stand under the sign. Look out at the view and see the campground below where we usually stay.
Along the road the sign is on, south from the sign, count 4 boulders.
At the 4th boulder, turn and look across the river at the water tanks in the distance.
Walk in the direction of the water tanks very carefully as it is downhill and you'll find yourself at the top of a small rock retaining wall.
Approximately 2 feet north under this wall and to the right you will see a large flat granite rock.
Underneath this rock is the Christmas in Kernville letterbox.
Merry Christmas!

Hike length: 0.1 miles