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The Dragonfly and the pretty river LbNA #76280

Owner:Caribbean Dreams
Plant date:Sep 8, 2022
Location: Lowe Lake State Forest 998 Emerald Drive
City:Town of Erin
Found by: Caribbean Dreams
Last found:Apr 1, 2024
Last edited:Sep 18, 2022
Park in the Emerald Lot in the Lowe Lake State Forest.

The Dragonfly was tired from a summer of frolicking among the lakes and was looking for a beautiful place to rest. He saw the Emerald Lot in the Lowe Lake State Forest and decided to start there. Flying over the lot, he faced a beautiful valley and decided to fly down the first trail to his right. This went through a pretty piney woods.

After awhile, the trail curved to the left, out into an open area, and then it curved right again. It was a wide trail. The dragonfly noticed a smaller trial pass across with posts with yellow tops, but he flew straight ahead on the wide trail until he came to a bridge. Behold the pretty river! Our Dragonfly friend enjoyed looking at the river and beautiful Lowe Lake in the distance. Then he continued over the bridge on the same path.

After a short while he came to a yellow sign on a post on his right. He stopped at the post. Then he went about 8 human steps forward on the trail and stopped again. He noticed a multi-trunked cedar tree to his left. This tree was about 8 human steps off of the middle of the trail, next to a broken tree on the ground.

The Dragonfly flew to the cedar tree and nestled himself in the middle of the multi trunks, where he gratefully rested.

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Hike length: 1 mile