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Kitties Akimbo LbNA #76071

Plant date:Feb 18, 2022
Location: 10525 Clapp Simms Duda Rd
Found by: The Odysseyer's (2)
Last found:Mar 15, 2023
Last edited:May 3, 2022
(The park is in the middle of changing trail signage, but the map on the trail kiosk is the old map numbering system. So, I'll give the new sign system plus the old map numbers that are gone so you can follow the trail map too. I also tried to just use enough landmarks so you can find these as they change more trail signs.) There is no charge to enter this park or parking area. Trail map is attached to another box I have planted in this park. From the Split Oak Forest Wildlife Environmental Area sign walk 80 steps to the right of the sign to find the spot to enter the woods. Walk a short distance and reach an intersection in the trail in which there is a sign with a B. (There used to be a green 2 on the left side of the trail and a gold and black 1 on the right side of the trail.)

Box 1: Turn left at the B sign. When you reach the T intersection (that used to have a #3) turn left. When you reach about 3/4 mile from the parking area, you will reach another T intersection with a sign C (used to have a #4). Turn right here. After about 1/4 mile you will get to a Y intersection. Turn left here. Go 90 steps and see a grouping of four different sized oak trees together on the left. Box is in the middle of these 4 oaks.

Box 2: Back on the trail. After about 1/4 mile you reach an intersection marked with a D sign (Used to be marked with a green #6 and a blue #1). 20 steps before you reach the D intersection, look to your left and see a huge oak tree 40 steps off path into the woods. Box is on the left side of this huge oak.

From here you can return to your car for a 3 mile round trip walk or you can continue another 1/2 mile on the orange yellow trail to get to an older letterbox in this park (The Great American Pin-Up Series: Tink). To get to Tink, reach the F sign and turn left until you reach the D sign. Then follow the instructions for Tink. A little further down the orange yellow trail takes you to the huge split oak tree a little further on the path that this park is named for. (If you get the other box and also find the huge split oak, that will be about a 4 mile hike round trip back to your car.)

Hike length: 3-5 miles