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Pacific Elementary School LbNA #75797

Owner:Troop 70825/MB history
Plant date:Sep 26, 2021
Location: Pacific Elementary School
City:Manhattan Beach
County:Los Angeles
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Mar 11, 2022
Last edited:Oct 6, 2021
Start out at the intersection of 14th Street and Pacific Ave on the east side of Pacific. Face the school. This is the site of the first school ever built in Manhattan Beach. It was called Center School. You will learn more about the school soon. Head south on the sidewalk in front of the school. At the first gate, look left and notice the flower inlays on the building that is set back. Keep walking south. At Manhattan Beach Blvd turn left. Now you are walking along what was once called Center Street. Turn left at John Street. Pass the playground. Once you reach the shed and school crossing sign, walk for 15 more squares of sidewalk. Look left and down. Once you’ve found the letterbox, continue on John just a bit further to see one of the original structures at Center school. The current library behind the brown Pacific School sign is an original building. Note the decorative flower design in the old photos in the letterbox. Remember those?