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Raymond Brook Preserve #1 LbNA #75550

Owner:The Hnats
Plant date:May 31, 2021
Location: Raymond Brook Preserve 175 Church St (Route 85)
Found by: Traveln Turtle (2)
Last found:Feb 12, 2024
Last edited:Jun 1, 2021
Go to the Raymond Brook Preserve at 175 Church Street (next to Church of the Holy Family not the Kinney Road entrance)

Walk around the metal gate at the entrance of the trail.

You are facing the pond and came to a fork in the path. Take the right path.

Go over the wood bridge and continue straight. You will arrive at another fork continue straight (to the right).

You will pass a field on your left.

You have come across a unique tree at an intersection. Keep going straight.

A little past this intersection you will see a tree dragon with his eyes staring at you and his large nostrils. Look around to ensure no one is watching. Look at the right nostril and find your prize.

Hint: The dragon tree is to the left of "The Laneway" sign.

Look at Raymond Brook Preserve #2 for next box.

Hike length: 0.5 miles