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Basin Hunt LbNA #75301

Plant date:Jan 16, 2021
Location: granite basin lake
Found by: Desert Flower
Last found:Apr 16, 2023
Last edited:Jan 23, 2021
Head to the Granite Basin lake in Prescott Arizona!! It's less lake, more pond... Depending on where you hail from.
Head to the boat launch parking area. There is a parking fee but it's a fun area to hike, picnic and fish so ENJOY!!!
From the Granite Basin boat launch parking lot start on the trail to the right of the restrooms. Continue straight at the trail marker 345, there will be a fence on your right. Follow the trail and after a few minutes over the creek to the left. You'll find yourself walking along a trail with a barbwire fence on the left. Following this fence for a time (10 mins) you'll cross through a gate.
Stop at this gate and count 12 paces (there will be an alligator juniper on your right after 7 paces). Stop, look to your left.
Is there a boulder with a small ledge?
Are there a few rocks under that ledge??
What you seek is behind those rocks!!!
Congrats! You've found our commemorative 2020 stamp!!

Please take caution when hunting and hiding as there will be others traveling this route from time to time.

Hike length: 0.5 miles