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Girl Scout Brownie Troop 1043 - Peter Rabbit Sneaks Back Home LbNA #75047

Owner:Saren Stamp
Plant date:Aug 1, 2020
City:Fair Oaks
Location: Patriots Park 6827 Palm Ave,
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Oct 9, 2020
Peter Rabbit Sneaks Back Home
Your journey begins in Patriot’s Park, 6827 Palm Avenue in Carmichael, CA.
Like Peter you need to enter the park through the right front corner next to the fence.
1. The first thing he sees as he works his way back to his home is the water fountain in the middle of the park. Even though he just barely escaped being caught by Farmer Mac Gregor and made into rabbit stew, he is thirsty and hops up to the fountain for a drink. (When Peter left home this morning, he went straight to Farmer MacGregor’s field in search of vegetables.)
Go to the fountain first.
Feeling danger and seeing no place to hide by the fountain, Peter quickly hops back to the safety of the fence. Hop or skip in a straight line back across to the fence.

By the time Peter gets back to the fence he is out of breath so he begins looking for a place that he can rest.
Moving slowly along the fence he sees two trees on his left that form a “V.” He stays there until he feels ready to go on.
When you get to the “V,” count to 10 before moving on.
Knowing that he is now close he stops at the next tree closest to the fence (on your left) and enters through the door leading underground (inside the roots of the tall tree).
You will know you are in the right place as there are five rocks near the opening to the roots of the tree: four smaller one (representing Peter and his brothers and sisters and a larger stone representing his mom.)
Down under the roots of the tree you will find the letter box you are seeking.
Don’t forget to stamp your book and leave your stamp in the book in the letter box.

Hike length: 0.1 miles