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Jester on The Esker LbNA #74665

Owner:Caribbean Dreams
Plant date:Jun 14, 2020
Location: Lowe Lake State Forest 998 Emerald Drive
City:Town of Erin
Found by: Caribbean Dreams
Last found:Apr 1, 2024
Last edited:Sep 26, 2021
Chester the Jester paid a visit to an esker
to go dancing with a dwarf.
Instead he met a fairy who, like him, was very merry,
and they got hitched on Fisherman's Wharf.

You will need a compass.

To find Chester and his fairy, park in the Emerald Lot in Lowe Lake State Forest. In the parking lot, facing the valley, take the trail going to the right through the pines. The trail will curve out into a clearing. Keep on the tail until it curves right again and the Ice Age Trail crosses it. Take the Ice Age Trail going to the right ( no horsies!) and continue up to a bench on top of a hill. Enjoy the view! Then continue on the Ice Age Trail, going down a hill and through a clearing and some trees. Continue until you climb up a little bit and have reached the esker. There will be a sign.

From the esker sign, go three yellow blazes past it (don't count the esker sign as one of the blazes). At the third blaze (it will be on the left, on a tree), stop. Standing next to the blaze, go approximately 8 steps at a direction of 315 degrees ( or to your right when facing the path ahead of you). You will be going downhill. You will see two larger rocks and a small group of rocks next to them, In this small group of rocks you will find Chester and his fairy!

Please re-hide this box carefully. Updates appreciated. Thanks.

A trip to this letterbox can also be combined with a visit to Laney Cakes Bakery ( LbNA box # 70082), which is also in Lowe Lake State Forest.

Hike length: 1 mile