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Sweet Dreams LbNA #74097

Owner:phynstar Supporter
Plant date:Sep 3, 2019
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Oct 28, 2023
Last edited:Sep 7, 2019
To find the letterbox, make your way to Sweetheart Mountain in Collinsville. Sweetheart Mountain was formerly a ski area and is now part of the Canton Land Trust. To get there, cross the Farmington River from downtown Collinsville. Travel straight up the hill onto Bridge Street, then right onto Dunne Ave. The parking area for the preserve is reached by turning left into the fourth driveway. It's on the left where the driveway forks.* There is a trail map on the signboard. You can also print out a trail map on the Land Trust website.

Start off on the yellow trail. Continue on yellow uphill, past the intersections with the blue then the red trails. Soon you will come to a ledge. Climb the stone steps on the right of the trail. Continue on yellow and at the loop, stay to your left. Pass through a grove of mountain laurel, going up and then a sharp right on the trail. (You should see MDC "keep out" signs on the left). Look carefully on your right for a camouflaged mossy stone just before ferns on both sides of the trail. Stop here. Look left uphill to admire an oak with one LONG mossy root showing. Holding the oak is a very green boulder. Take your bearing @ 260 degrees to a right-angled rock at the bottom of the hill. Check I nside the hole with a stick to get the box. Please go around the ferns! Continue along the trail to find other boxes or head back the way you came to check out the old ski equipment.

*The parking lot is very compact and bumpy. Go in slowly.

Box originally carved for Christmas Swap by Hosmer's.

Hike length: 1-2 miles