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Shawnee YAM1 LbNA #7330

Plant date:Mar 5, 2004
Planted by:Cacherman13
Found by: PunkSoulBrother
Last found:Apr 26, 2011
Last edited:Mar 5, 2004
(Adopted in May 2011 by Cacherman13)

04/27/2011 Down for a week... in need of repairs

Difficulty: Easy but rocky with a bit of an incline. Popular urban hiking trail. Watch for horses and mountain bikers. Allow about 30 minutes to box. Start at Dreamy Draw Recreation Area. (SR51 and Northern Ave.)
There are various trail options for getting back to your car.
This letterbox set by a Phoenix Mother-Daughter Scout group. It's our first. Enjoy!


At the Ramadas, take sidewalk towards restrooms
Turn left past the restrooms (unless you need to use it).
At ‘concrete T’ go right.
Look for the TRAIL POST marking trail number 100 on your left.
That’s your trail. Stay on 100, until clues tell you otherwise.
Passing small Ocotillo, and Hedgehogs on your left, keep the small canyon to your left.
Continue on 100.
This starts the steepest part of the trail. Stay on 100.
Go down the 'chute’ and up again and pass the ‘prickly peace sign’ on your left.
Pass the 100 trail post on your left.
Continue up the main trail. If questions arise stay on ‘century trail’.
When you come to the right handed TRAIL POST for trails 100 & 200, proceed on the 100 and then look ahead on the trail for an old decayed Saguaro cactus just off the trail on the left side.
Hike to the ‘lucky horseshoe’ on your left hand side. Touch it for good luck.
At left handed TRAIL POST, proceed up the ‘century’ trail, and look ahead to see the Ocotillo near the trail on your right side.
Keep going up, up, up the 100, past the large cactus ‘hotel’ on your right.
When you can see the dwellings, and city below at the TRAIL POST of trails 100, 220, and 1A, take the first trail to the right and stay right, continue up the small hillside path, keeping the cactus hotel in view.
At the big, flat gravelly area, proceed off the trail to grey/brown rocks. Four Peaks in the ‘saddle’ at your back, and nice view of the trail you just came up.
Looking toward the cactus hotel, search in the rocks beyond the thorny bush.

Hint: Find log book and master stamp in box in mini-cave-like spot below
grey stone ‘heart’. Please hide the letterbox as you found it.
Thanks for playing.