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Holiday Trail: 12 days of Christmas LbNA #72483

Plant date:Sep 22, 2017
Location: 5105 Nolen Ave SE, Huntsville, AL, USA
Found by: Fantastic Mrs. Fox (12)
Last found:Jun 26, 2018
Last edited:Nov 26, 2017
Monte Sano State Park is located, near Huntsville, in northeast Alabama. In Spanish, Monte Sano means “Mountain of Health.” In the late 1800s, visitors from across the United States came for “the season” to experience and enjoy Monte Sano’s fresh air, spectacular views and mineral springs.
Today in the park they have many activities that bring people to the park. Hiking and Biking trails, Camping and Cabins, History and fun new activities abound. On your visit to the park you will need to pay an entrance fee and you may want to stop by the camp store and pick up a map before you head to the trail head parking lot.

From trail head parking lot follow the South Plateau Trail to where it splits and go left. You will follow the white blazes to the trail intersection of the Bucca Family Trail. Shortly after that is a No Bicycle sign. 5 paces on down the SPT, turn to your right and go 4 paces off the trail to a big tree. Back side at the base of the tree. (Holly)(HT3)

On down the trail to the 3 mile marker. Turn right, away from the road side, and go 10 paces to an old fallen tree. At the base of the tree, next to the stump, Not in the hole in the tree but on the ground. (Candy Cane)(HT4)

On down the trail to the point where is crosses over a gravel road. At the intersection turn right and go 11 paces up the gravel road, look right for an old stump. At its base. (Christmas Bulb)(HT5)

On down the SPT and cross a paved road. On down the SPT and go under some power lines. After you pass under the power lines look for two white trail markers on two trees next to each other. On the back side of the next twin/V-Tree on the left. (Pine Bough)(HT6)

On down the trail, you will pass a shelter on your left, go on down the trail another 50 paces to an older fallen tree with the stump on the right and the tree on the left. Go 5 paces off the trail along the right side of the fallen tree to the base of a good size tree. (Candle)(HT7)

On down the trail, you will pass under the power lines again, start counting the white trail blazes. Going up hill you will come to the 6th white blaze, just after that along the right side of the trail is a fallen tree and a very tall snag... look at the base of the snag. (Star)(HT8)

On down the trail now to the gravel road intersection. Look by the trail sign for an Orange marking. At the base of that tree. (Tree)(HT9)

On down the trail (gravel road) to the 2.5 mile marker on the left. Look for a blue mark on a near by tree. At its base you will find your next prize. (Gift)(HT10)

On down the trail (gravel road) you will pass the sign for another shelter and keep going. You will pass a trash can on the right. As the trail goes back into the woods you are looking on the left for a three sister tree with one dead sister. Go on to the very next three sister tree on the left, about seven paces away from the trail. Oops, guess this was a fake three sister. Once you are standing there you will see that it is a V tree with another tree right next to it. Look at the base of these trees for this one. (Snow Flake)(HT11)

On down the trail to the intersection of the Mt. Mist connector trail. Go about 16 steps down the connector trail and look to the right for a small rock ledge just a couple of steps off the trail. Look in a small pocket on the top right side of the ledge. (Christmas Light)(HT12)

On down the trail to the 2nd intersection of the Fire Tower trail. Stay on the South Plateau and go 16 steps from the trail sign to a short trail, on the left, to a big rock ledge. You are looking for another three sister tree on this short side trail. At the base you will find some Holly Leaves and Berries. (Holly Berry)(HT13)

On down the trail to Mile Marker 2 on the right side of the trail. It is about time for a break at the YACC shelter on the left side of the trail. From the front side of the shelter go about 5 paces due south to the base of a mossy tree. You will find a Lock-N-Lock style box with stamp and log book at the base of the tree. (Teddy Bear in Stocking - With Log Book)(HT14)

Now you can head back to your car or keep on going down the trail.

Hike length: 2-3 miles