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RCR: Stain Glass LbNA #72482

Plant date:Sep 22, 2017
Location: 5105 Nolen Ave SE, Huntsville, AL, USA
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Nov 26, 2017
Monte Sano State Park is located, near Huntsville, in northeast Alabama. In Spanish, Monte Sano means “Mountain of Health.” In the late 1800s, visitors from across the United States came for “the season” to experience and enjoy Monte Sano’s fresh air, spectacular views and mineral springs.
Today in the park they have many activities that bring people to the park. Hiking and Biking trails, Camping and Cabins, History and fun new activities abound. On your visit to the park you will need to pay an entrance fee and you may want to stop by the camp store and pick up a map before you head to the trail head parking lot.

Head out from the trail head parking lot, along the South Plateau Trail, and go to the right where the SPT trail splits. Now go on to the first intersection of the South Plateau Trail and the Fire Tower Trail, Red Blazes, head south (left) along the Fire Tower Trail to an opening on the right side of trail with a collection of benches that look like an outdoor classroom. Go in and stand by the instructors bench. Take a heading of 180 degrees and walk 12 paces and look at the base of a tree. (Sailing)

Now back to the Fire Tower Trail and keep going south to the 1 mile marker. Turn right (west) and go 6 paces to a V tree that one of the two is not going to make it. Look at the base of this tree. (Western Sunset)

Now back to the Fire Tower Trail and keep going south to the intersection of the Bog Trial. You can take a left here and go (east) a short way to another outdoor classroom next to the pond and read about its history. Now back to the Fire Tower Trail and look to the north east for a big Y tree, it is 8 paces from the intersection of the two trails. Look at the base of the Y tree. (Light House)

Now back to the Fire Tower trail and keep going south to the two historic markers, one on each side of the trail. Go on a short way to read some more and see some photos. Now go back to the two historic markers and turn left (West) and go 7 paces to a cluster of three smaller trees with a snag by them. The box is in the snag. (Sunrise)

Now on back to your car.

Hike length: 1-2 miles