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Telahney's Journey LbNA #72146

Plant date:Jul 3, 2017
Location: County Road 267
Planted by:All 4 Bama
Found by: Angel Winks
Last found:Apr 11, 2019
Last edited:Sep 1, 2017
Mr. Tom Hendrix built this wall to honor his great grandmother who was removed from her home on the Trail of Tears. Once relocated, she was so homesick that she knew she would die if she didn't return to the Singing River (Tennessee River). So, on foot, this courageous young woman set out to find her way home.
This rock wall was built as Mt. Tom's way of remembering & honoring her journey. The wall twists and turns just as her journey wound around. It is narrower & wider, just as her journey was harder sometimes, and easier other times.
Stop by and see his amazing dedication . You can also pick up a copy of his book "If the Legends Fade" to read about her journey.

From Natchez Trace Parkway (northbound), North of Florence, Alabama...
Turn right (east) on County Road 8, then immediately turn right (south) on County Road 267.

From the corner of the memorial built by Mr. Tom
Count natures hiding spots 1 through 6.
Here it's hidden, careful as you seek
Make sure no slithering varmints are up to hiding tricks.

Hike length: 0.1 miles