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Read - Adventures Await! LbNA #71668

Plant date:Feb 12, 2017
Location: 1315 Chopmist Hill Rd
State:Rhode Island
Found by: RIFamily
Last found:Feb 17, 2024
Last edited:Jul 26, 2017
We placed this box in the Scituate Little Free Library to bring some additional traffic to the area and hopefully bring in more readers!!! Mr RFD found out about Little Free Libraries a few years ago and saw a need in our town for additional access to books. With the help of a good friend and his wood shop and the blessing of the Town Council, we built this Library and placed it at the Chopmist Community Center, on the west side of town where we have no library.

The Little Free Library of Scituate is located on the front side of the Chopmist Community Center (formerly known as the Chopmist Hill Inn) at #1315 Chopmist Hill Rd (RI Rte 102) in Scituate, RI.

Clues: Park in the main parking area and walk towards the main entrance of the building, with the wheelchair ramp and long awning. Stop at the interesting 3-shelf box on legs with the glass door. The box has a convenient bench located nearby. Open the door and peruse the books on the shelves; fiction on the top shelf, (mainly) nonfiction on the center shelf and (mostly) kids' books on the lower shelf. After perusing (and maybe taking or leaving) a book or few, you'll find the letterbox container in the lower left corner, next to a geocache that is disguised as a dictionary. The letterbox is a wooden box, shaped to resemble a book. The box has a custom paint job, ably performed by Mrs RFD, who's quite the artiste. To open the box, hold so that the "night side" is up, the "spine" is in your right hand and the "cover edge" is on your left. The "edge" side has the hinges for the box; open carefully, as the box has a length of paracord going through to help secure the box to the inside of the Library. Inside will be the invitation to adventure that you seek. Please bring your own ink. Please ensure that the box is closed securely and that the door to the library is securely closed and latched when you are finished. Enjoy and READ ON!