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A True Letterbox LbNA #71629

Owner:OPJim Contact
Plant date:Jul 10, 2017
Location: North of Home Depot
Found by: brejay
Last found:Sep 13, 2019
Last edited:Jul 10, 2017
Drive north in Payson on Highway 87 and turn left on Houston Mesa Road (just north of Home Depot). Drive about 1/2 mile then turn right on Florence road, and follow it to the end of the road. Park at the end of Florence street, and go through the fence. There are many paths to take, but you should choose the road no longer traveled (by motor vehicles) and head northwards. The road will descend slightly, with a creek-bed to the left and a small bluff beginning on the right. As the road winds around a bend out of site of your motorcar, you will see a large boulder that has fallen into the roadbed. When you reach this boulder, you are less than 100 feet from your goal, which is now in sight. Climb up the small hillside to your right, and to a large grouping of lichen covered boulders at the top of the hill. You can see your road from the hiding place. Remove the rocks, open the letterbox and exchange stamps. There is a large amount of swag suitable for kids of all ages.

Hike length: 0.5 miles