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The Road Not Taken LbNA #71543

Plant date:Jun 14, 2017
Location: Railroad Bridge
Planted by:The Chix
Found by: All 4 Bama
Last found:Jul 25, 2017
Last edited:Jun 15, 2017
after crossing O'Neil Bridge from Florence take a left next to the dentist office on the hill. It will lead you to a small parking lot that leads to a trail towards the railroad bridge. Take the path and walk left from the parking lot. Stay right and you will see some stairs to the far right of a wheel chair accessible ramp. Take those stairs to a small trail that makes it's way along the river.

Very soon on the right you will see a seating area and a podium that looks like a tree stump. The box is located just past the podium under a large rock, mid center, There are a few smaller rocks set over it.

Hike length: 0.1 miles