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Antelope View LbNA #71277

Owner:quietdusk Contact Inactive
Plant date:Apr 21, 2017
Location: Iron King Trail
City:Prescott Valley
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:May 10, 2017
This trail is best enjoyed in the morning and evening when temps are cooler. We enjoy encountering the varied wildlife in evenings, especially when the weather turns warm. Tarantulas and other insects, snakes, birds of prey, cows, mule deer, coyotes, and of course pronghorn antelope! A word of advice regarding snakes: if there is one in your path, just keep your distance and keep your feet still – they generally will continue on their way when they stop feeling the vibrations in the ground from our steps.

Park at the Iron King trail parking at Glassford Hill Rd and Santa Fe Loop Rd. The first mile is a wide sidewalk. Continue to the second bridge – walk under the bridge. Box is underneath the bridge on the side closest to the trailhead. Be careful walking underneath as the soil can be loose. Very easy find. This is our first plant!

Please contact if you need clarification or if there is a problem with the box. Thank you!

Hike length: 2-3 miles