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Stitching Sisters Letterbox LbNA #71206

Owner:CarrieOnThePrairie Contact
Plant date:Apr 20, 2017
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Apr 21, 2017
This box was originally planted by "Spring Chicken". After a long dormancy and a failed attempt, we decided to replace it with a new box. We were five girls on our way to a quilt show in nearby Spring Hill. So we're calling this little letterbox "Stitching Sisters". Here are the original clues from Spring Chicken (with a few tweaks)....

Glenwood is a small prairie town, located in southern Alberta. It is a short drive to Waterton Lakes National Park, and the Montana/U.S. border. While you are here visit our Ice Cream Parlour and Cheese Museum. It opens every year on the May long weekend, and it stays open until Labour Day.

To find the letterbox find main street. Starting on the south end there is a general store, a vacant lot, and then a bakery/cafe, across the street from a village office with a library in the back. Go to the vacant lot behind the bakery/cafe (after stopping in for an elephant ear!). In the middle of the lot there is a very tall pine tree. Look to the west, and you will see a very old stone stove. The letterbox is inside the stove, on a ledge, under a rock. Please put it back on the shelf and tuck it in snugly, so it doesn’t fall down.