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Samoa 1734 - 85308 LbNA #71130

Plant date:Apr 9, 2017
Location: 85308
Planted by:Samoa 1734
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Feb 15, 2018
**No longer there**

North on 59th and then you'll see,
A park your destination will be.
Named for sound from mythical avians,
Beating their wings along with the rain.

Turn to the west from 59th,
Then turn to the left and you'll be fine.
Parking lot F is where you should be,
And then a very short hike - you'll see!

From the bathrooms go left to the gate,
Go up the hill and go up straight.
To a place with many steps,
To do stargazing or get some rest.

A shady place to find some rest,
Where birds might lay their eggs and nest.
Under you you'll find some rocks,
That is where you'll find the box!

Hike length: 0.5 miles