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Where's Rocky ? LbNA #70352

Owner:blacksheep 1&2 Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jul 21, 2016
Found by: lionsmane
Last found:Oct 15, 2017
Last edited:Oct 31, 2016
Drive by. Hand carved stamp

From Whisky Row drive south on Montezuma. Past the vintage orange pick-up at the Motor Lodge. (A unique place to stay) to the traffic signal. Continue straight. Montezuma becomes White Spar Rd. About 1/4 mi. past mile marker 308 turn left at Ponderosa Rd. Park at the "Please Do Not Litter" sign. You will see a row of large rocks which blocks what seems to be a road or path. To the right of the 8th rock are 2 tall pine trees with about 18" trunks. Rocky is hiding behind the first with forest debris and a spor to mark the spot.
Before you leave be a good boxer and pick up the litter under the sign, as we did. We all can do our part. The sign has been replace by a winter road condition warning. Please re-bag as found and let us know how Rocky is doing.