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The Fox at the Highwood House LbNA #70260

Plant date:Jul 10, 2016
Location: Highwood House
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Planted by:AmongThePines Contact Inactive
Found by: CourtHouse
Last found:Jul 30, 2016
Last edited:Jul 11, 2016
*disclaimer* this box is not in the town of Longview but it is the nearest town*
Head west on 541/Hwy 40 out of Longview (approx 44 kilometers)

Turn Left (South) towards Coleman/ Highwood House.
Take the first Right (west) into the Highwood House gate (open 8am - 8pm) and then the immediate right (one way parking lot). Drive until the parking lot dead ends and you will see the backside of the Highwood House sign that spans 3 fence posts. Under the middle post, near the ground the letterbox is attached to the post with two bungee cords. Please make sure no one is watching when you retrieve this box and put it back the same way.

While you're at the Highwood house enjoy some ice cream or a nice cold drink!
This is a popular destination for cyclists in the early spring while the road is still closed for winter yet clear of snow for riding. Great opportunity to see wildlife!

More info on the high wood house:

Hike length: 0.1 miles