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";In Memory of Bill V."; LbNA #70193

Plant date:Jun 21, 2016
Location: Eudora Community Park
City:Hernando/ Eudora
Planted by:My House
Found by: From the heart of 68
Last found:Jun 21, 2016
Last edited:Jun 22, 2016
A great one for the very old & young. Go to hywy 304 find the Eudora Fire Department, on the Left of the there's a Eudora Community Park. Now stand at the bottom of the slide, facing it. Look for a bench to the left, stand in front of bench, turn right on the walk way. On the right will be a post...keep walking. There's a bench & a garbage can on the left. Stand behind the garbage can facing the woods. Take 4 paces (8 steps)..
Under a small log with little sticks & leafs you shall find it.
Please stamp your books & ours with a small note. Replace back were you found it. Hope you find it & enjoy.

Hike length: 0.5 miles